FullFrame Productions Are equipped with the latest high resolution cameras and film gear in Jordan to guaranty the best picture to be delivered to the clients.

BlackMagic Cameras
Blackmagic professional Production Camera, is the perfect choice. You get incredible HD images with 13 stops of dynamic range for film quality shooting. The minimal crop factor lets you shoot with super wide angle lenses so you get images that are big and beautiful, plus have the dynamic range to capture highlight and shadow details far beyond that of any traditional video camera .

Image stabilizers
a new pieces of filmmaking gear was just announced that could completely re-invent the complex process of camera stabilization.




Camera Cranes

Shoulder Mounts

In FullFrame Productions There’s NO Room for mistakes, Shots Must be taken once and forever in the best direction and image quality, NO shaky shots NO blurry shots, NO drop Frames.

Arri, Film Gear, Kino, Dido, visatec
all The advanced film Light are also available in FullFrame Productions with the best team of technicians around Jordan.

RC Helicopter Camera System
The RC helicopter camera system is controlled remotely by a camera operator and/or pilot on the ground. The operator has the ability to point the camera at any angle they need to compose a proper shot.

Wild variety of Cinematic lenses
Cinema Prime Lenses are available in a wide variety of focal lengths, each offering fast T-stop and 4K optical performance supported by precise mechanical structure. Master family of lenses, fast and has an optical performance surpassing that of all standard speed primes. The whole family has been developed to enable shots that would have been considered impossible before. They are the perfect combination for high-end films.

Sound Equipment
From Basic NickMicrophones to Far BoomMicrophones to 6 Channels sound recording to studios FullFrame Productions welling to provide you with the clearest, highest quality of sound with original Sound tracks and amazing talents of voice over in English and Arabic.