Again we will collaborate with you for the final video. The process involves the editing and color correction, sound mixing, and more.

"Editing" requires a lot of preparation; with the experience of our Post-Production team we are sure to make this process as trouble-free as possible as well as enjoyable.

With the latest technologies in market FullFrame Productions uses The Latest High-end Hardware and Software to make your film Look so true, perfect, with cinema look the film will have the highest production value.

FullFrame editing equipment Are A Blackmagic HD editing Hardware and software, AJA HD editing Hardware and software, Final Cut Pro Studio (Apple Macintosh design) editing Hardware and software, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Coloring Hardware and software, Full Adobe Creative system (Adobe premiere Pro, Adobe After effects, Adobe Audition) editing Hardware and software.

Animation team
Our team of animators are welling to create from the simple Animated Logos to landscaping and scanning the whole facility and create a 3D model of that Building.

Editing team
Editing Is where we create magic to become true the creative editors and Producers working hand to hand to maintain that the clip will be in the best status and suitable to the audience.

Coloring team
Colors are the giving soul that FullFrame Productions give to every created Clip Since 2000 the coloring hardware and software are all registered to FullFrame productions as a Prime user In the Middle East.